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Explore Bid Opportunities in The City of Ladue

This platform serves as a gateway for businesses and contractors to explore various bidding opportunities within our community. Whether you're a seasoned contractor or a newcomer looking to engage with us, this page provides essential information on current bids, procurement processes, and how to participate in the bid process.

We strive for transparency and fairness in our procurement process. All bids are evaluated based on predetermined criteria to ensure the selection of the most qualified and competitive contractors. Here's an outline of our procurement process:

  1. Advertisement: Bid opportunities are advertised through various channels, including our website.
  2. Bid Submission: Interested parties are invited to submit their bids according to the outlined specifications and requirements.
  3. Evaluation: Bids are thoroughly reviewed and evaluated based on criteria such as cost, experience, and compliance with project specifications.
  4. Award: The contract is awarded to the successful bidder, following approval by the Ladue City Council and further steps are taken to finalize the agreement and commence work.

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