Ladue City Hall

Ladue City Hall


Welcome to the City of Ladue. The following information is provided to make the move to your new home easier.

  • A residential occupancy or inspection permit is not required prior to moving into your home, unless this is a new house, or the house has been unoccupied for more than a year. You may contact the Building Department at 314-997-6308 if there are any questions.
  • Trash Pickup - the City has licensed several haulers to service Ladue.  A list of companies licensed to do business in the City is available. Click here for a list of Licensed Trash Collectors. 
  • Recycling - All Trash Collectors are now required by St. Louis County to provide single-stream, curbside recycling at least 1 day a week. Please check with your Trash Collector to check their preferred method and day of the week of your pick-up for your address. Click Here to learn what can and cannot be recycled.  Click Here to learn more about the St. Louis County recycling program and also other recycling options for those items which can not be included in your curbside pick-up, such as paint, electronics, appliances, or other waste items. 
  • The City provides brush and leaf pickup service on a seasonal basis. These pickups are on a scheduled basis. Brush pickup is March - September and Leave pickup is October - December & April. See Brush and Leaf Policy for instructions.

    Click here to view Sections by Street name. Click here to view the map.

  • The City of Ladue has regulations regarding door-to-door solicitation, including the option of being placed on a "NO SOLICITATION" list. Click here for "No Solicitor" form.

  • New residents must apply for an alarm permit when a new or existing alarm system is activated. The cost for a permit is $75.00 per year.
  • Call the Building Department at 314-997-6308 before beginning any construction project or landscaping work involving the changing of grades. A building permit, plumbing permit, or HVAC permit may be required.
  • Garage or estate sales are permitted with the following conditions:
    • No display or sale of property in the yard is permitted;
    • No signs shall be placed, posted or erected anywhere in the city advertising such sales;
    • Not more than one (1) sale per year, lasting not more than two (2) days, shall be held at the same premises if occupied by the same family;
    • Five (5) days notice of the sale must be given to the City.
  • St. Louis County collects your Ladue real estate taxes on behalf of the City. Please advise your mortgage company to request this bill from St. Louis County when they request your county bill so it does not get overlooked. Whoever owns the property on December 31 is the person responsible for the entire tax amount. The tax is prorated in your title work when you close.

Upcoming Events

February 3
BOSTA Committee
7:30 AM
Via Zoom, 9345 Clayton Rd - Police Department Conference Room
February 7
Zoning Board of Adjustment
4:00 PM
9345 Clayton Road
February 8
Municipal Court
5:30 PM
9345 Clayton Road
February 13
Fire and Police Board
4:00 PM
9345 Clayton Road
February 16
Architectural Review Board
8:30 AM
9345 Clayton Road
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