Recent Crime

Jun 02, 2019

We are currently  investigating several larcenies from vehicles, multiple stolen vehicles, and a burglary from various areas within Ladue.  There is a large group targeting  vehicles and homes that are left unlocked.  Over the past two weeks, multiple jurisdictions, including Ladue, have experienced an increase in these types of calls and it appears the main target is locating unlocked vehicles or homes where the suspect(s) have access to key fobs with the intent of stealing vehicles.   Please ensure your vehicles and homes are locked with the key fobs and other valuables hidden out of sight.  If you hear or see anything suspicious at any time time of day, immediately notify the Ladue Police Department via 911 or at (314) 993-1214.   In addition, if you have home surveillance that may have captured images that could be beneficial to the investigation, please contact our Department to share that information.

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December 16
City Council Meeting
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December 18
Zoning and Planning
4:00 PM
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December 19
Architectural Review Board Meeting
8:30 AM
9345 Clayton Rd. - City Hall Council Room
December 25
12:00 AM
January 2
Architectural Review Board
8:30 AM
9345 Clayton Road
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