Chicken Ordinance approved by City Council

Jul 09, 2018

The City recognizes that residents of Ladue may be interested in keeping chickens on their properties. To accommodate growing interest in this topic staff prepared a text amendment to amend ordinance 1175, zoning ordinance of the City of Ladue. These regulations were established to permit the keeping of chickens in a manner that prevents nuisance to occupants of nearby properties and prevents unsafe or unsanitary conditions. 

New Regulations:

- A chicken shelter and enclosure are required. Shelter must meet property setbacks, be screened from the road and adjacent properties, and must be set back at least 50 feet from residential structures on adjacent properties. 

- To house chickens, properties must have at least 4,000 square feet of green space (this is the mimimum amount of green space for a 10,000 square foot lot). The maximum number of chicken allowed is 6 (which requires 12,000 feet of green space. 

- A permit is required, which shall require a renewal fee every three years. 

The following are specifically prohibited:

- Keeping of rooster or crowing hen in the City of Ladue.

- Keeping chickens for any commercial purpose. 

- Allowing chickens to roam unsupervised outside of the chicken enclosure. 

- Keeping chickens in such a way that results in a nuisance or violates an ordinances of the City of Ladue, including those regarding noise, odor, and solid waste. 


For the full ordinance, click here!!

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