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Ladue Public Works Department



Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) – Implementation Plan Project Updates For more information, visit the Public Works page:

Willow Hill – Reroute Along Road (infrastructure), HR Green – Construction phase: 6/1/2021 – 6/1/2022
Scope of work: 3039 linear feet of pipe sewers, including a portion of pipe-in-tunnel, and roadway and landscape restoration to be constructed in the Willow Hill, Lorenzo Lane, and Loren Wood subdivisions.  The design phase began in Summer 2018.  The design phase was completed in Spring 2021 and bids were opened on May 6, 2021.  The City Council awarded the construction contract to Bi-State Utilities at their May 17, 2021 meeting.  The preconstruction meeting was held on 5/19/21.  Utility relocation work was completed in Fall 2021.  The mainline sewer pipe has been installed in both the Willow Hill and Loren Woods subdivisions and concrete curbs and gutter are in the process of being installed.  Pavement restoration will take place in May 2022.  Landscaping restoration will occur after pavement placement.  The contract allows for 365 days for the construction phase which is scheduled for June 1, 2021 – June 1, 2022 although unforeseen conditions have extended the completion date to mid-summer 2022.  HR Green serves as the City’s construction administrator for the project.  The City’s project manager is Amanda Griffin;


Robin Hill Lane/McKnight Lane Bank Stabilization, Intuition & Logic –Construction phase: Summer 2021 – Summer 2022
Scope of work: 840 lineal feet of storm channel renovation that includes bank stabilization, a triple box culvert, retaining walls, storm sewer adjustments, replacement of approximately 107 lineal feet of 18-inch diameter sanitary sewer to be installed in a casing, a prefabricated pedestrian bridge, landscape restoration, and appurtenances to be constructed in the Brookside, McKnight Lane, and Robin Hill Subdivisions

The design phase began in Summer 2018.  The preliminary plans were approved, then the required easements were obtained.  The bid package was issued on March 1, 2021 with bids due on 4/15/21.  The contract was awarded to low bidder Gershenson Construction.  The contractor has completed installation of the pedestrian bridge, installation of the triple box culvert on Brookside Lane, channel grading, installation of the Redi-Rock walls, installation of the masonry parapet wall.  The contractor will complete the pavement restoration in May 2022 and then will complete the remaining landscape installation. The exposed plain concrete on the culvert ends will be stained so that it better matches the block walls.  The Scheduled completion date is June 2022.  The City’s project manager is Mark Koester;


Deerfield/Wakefield storm sewer improvements, HR Green – Preliminary Design for Phase I is nearing Completion with Easement Acquisition to start Summer 2021
The design phase began on 7/23/18.  Preliminary design is complete, and the next phase is ROW acquisition which can occur after MSD approves the easements.   This project will be constructed in two phases over the next ten years with the project consisting of an underground and above ground detention basin to be constructed in the low point on Deerfield, as well as piped connections to the basin from the west, north, and east.   The City has begun to acquire the necessary easements for Phase I in Winter/Spring 2022. The City’s project manager is Amanda Griffin;

ADA Sidewalk Improvements – Clayton Road
The City continues with the implementation phase of the ADA transition plan which identified both sidewalk and facility improvements that need modification to work toward ADA compliance. Clayton Road sidewalk improvements have been the highest priority for the City and the following provides a summary of the multi-phased project to date:

·        Phase I: Business District between I-64 and Conway Road; construction completed Summer 2019 by Spencer Contracting

·        Phase II: Warson to Eversdale; construction completed Spring 2020 by SBC Construction

·        Phase III: Eversdale to Lindbergh; construction completed Spring 2021 by SBC Construction

·        Phases IV; Louwen to McKnight, design in 2021, construction 2022.  Bids were received on 3/17/22 and were over budget.  City will determine if the project will be awarded in 2022.

·        Phases V – VI; McKnight to Price Road; construction in 2023 – 2024

The City’s Project Manager is Anne Lamitola,


Dielman Road Improvements (80% Federally Funded for ROW & Construction)
The City applied for Federal Funds for Dielman Road Improvements in February 2019 and learned that the application was successful. The City executed a program agreement with MoDOT, then hired CMT to perform the engineering for the project after following a Qualifications Based Selection process.  City Council approved the engineering contract with CMT at their April 27, 2020 meeting and design has been underway since that time.  Dielman Road is one of two remaining roads identified for sidewalks in the 2012 Sidewalk Implementation Plan.  Six-foot-wide sidewalks will be installed on the west side of Dielman between Ladue Road and the northern municipal boundary near Tamarack.  Improvements to the pavement will also be part of the project.  The sidewalk will connect to sidewalks that have been installed in Olivette on Dielman Road.  Federal Funding will pay for 80% of the right-of-way and construction costs.  The design phase began with survey in Summer 2020, environmental clearances were obtained in March 2021, and preliminary plans have been prepared and were submitted to MoDOT on March 31, 2021.  The well attended public meeting was held on July 13, 2021 at 4:00 pm. The right-of-way plans were submitted in September 2021 to MoDOT for approval  and have been approved.  At the December 2021 City Council meeting, the agreement for easement acquisition with OR Colan was approved.  Easement acquisition is in process and there are twelve properties with easements.    Construction is scheduled for 2023.  The City’s Project Manager is Anne Lamitola,


Deer Creek Preserve; formerly known as Edie’s Mulch Site
The City applied for and obtained a Municipal Park Planning Grant to develop a master plan for the 12.5-acre site which is currently being utilized as a transfer station for the City’s leaf and mulch program on approximately 3 acres of the site.    Public meetings were held in 2019 along with a community input survey and a Master plan was adopted by City Council in September 2019.  The master plan for the property includes a trail and a small parking area as priority amenities.  The property is located off S. 40 Drive and is along the Deer Creek corridor.  The property is currently being impacted by MSD’s Deer Creek Sanitary relief sewer project which will be under construction through May 2022.

The City applied for and was successful in obtaining funding through the Municipal League to begin development of the priority amenities.  The City entered into an agreement with the Grant Commission in December 2021 and also entered into a design contract with SWT for the project design.   The survey phase has been completed and preliminary design ha begun.   Implementation will take place in Calendar Years 2022-2023. The City’s Project Manager is Anne Lamitola,


Rodes Park – Master Plan
The City obtained a Municipal Park Planning Grant to develop a master plan for the park located at the corner of Ladue and Warson Road. The planning grant process included public meetings to obtain feedback about the park which were held on 1/28/21 & 2//25/21, and a survey was issued that over 300 people submitted.   The Master Plan, which was adopted by resolution on April 26, 2021 by City Council, made recommendations for plantings, access & parking, a perimeter walk path.  The City will begin design in 2022 of the streambank stabilization and pedestrian bridge. 


Public Works In-house Maintenance Programs

  • Brush Collection (monthly: March – October plus Christmas tree pick-up in January)
  • Leaf Collection (Fall Collection: late October through early January & Spring Collection: April)
  • Parks & Grounds (Rodes Park, planters, municipal campus, Beautify Ladue landscape maintenance, Deer Creek Preserve, Centennial Trail)
  • Pavement and Sidewalk Maintenance (crack sealing, pothole patching, larger pavement patching, sidewalk removal & replacement, snow, and ice removal)
  • Bridge & Culvert Maintenance
  • Vegetation Management on City Right-of-Way (mowing, trimming, honeysuckle management, tree trimming and removal)
  • Vegetation Management on State Right-of-Way (City contracts with Munie for mowing of numerous locations on State ROW)
  • Fleet & Building Maintenance

The City’s primary contact for in-house maintenance is Scot Bollinger,




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