Ladue- Parks Planning Grant


On October 18th the City of Ladue received a Municipal Park Construction Grant for the Deer Creek Preserve project. The City received $370,000 for development of the space formerly Edie's Mulch Site. These funds will be used towards the development of the design phase and implementation of priority elements of the Master Plan that was adopted in July of 2021. 


Rodes Park Master Planning

On Monday, April 26th, the Ladue City Council voted to approve the Rodes Park Conceptual Master Plan. To view the approved plans and the cost opinion, click on the links below. If you have further questions or comments, please fee free to contact the Ladue Public Works Department at [email protected]

- Rodes Park Master Plan adopted 4/26/2021

- Rodes Park Cost Opinion 4/26/2021

- Rodes Park Community Open House presentation #2 - 2/25/2021

- Rodes Park Conceptual Master Plan #2 - 2/25/2021
Rodes Park Community Open House presentation 1-28-21 #1

Rodes Park Conceptual Master Plan 1-28-21 #1 

Deer Creek Preserve Master Planning

The City of Ladue has received a planning grant from the Municipal Park Grant Commission to create a master plan vision for the development of a city park at the former Edie’s Mulch Site.  To develop a master plan that embodies the vision of the Ladue community we held two public meetings on May and June, 2019. These meetings were an opportunity to learn about the planning process and for the community to discuss the future park with representatives from the city and the planning team from SWT Design, while providing input on goals, opportunities and your vision for this future park. 

In September 2019 the Ladue City Council voted to approve a Master Plan design with plans to implement the main components over the next few years after MSD completes their work within the property. 

If you have any questions about this planning process, please contact Anne Lamitola, Director of Public Works at 314-993-5665.

Deer Creek Preserve - Master Concept Plan: Phase 1 -July 2021

To review to original Concept Plan Click Here!
To review Community Input results, Click Here!

Living Legacy Program

Policy and Application (adopted 10/18/2021)

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