Residential Storm Water Management

Every time you change anything on your property it has the potential to affect storwmater drainage.  Grading, landscaping, house additions, patios, pools, sheds, and many other residential projects can change the amount and flow of stormwater.  This should be on every resident’s mind when planning home and property improvements.

Regulations in Ladue require that each land development project must include a plan to ensure that all increases and changes to stormwater discharge are being retained on the property and properly controlled. Residents should manage stormwater so that it soaks into each property to the greatest extent possible. Infiltration is nature’s way of slowly cleansing, storing and releasing water into the aquifer. That’s why creating a permeable landscape that absorbs stormwater is one of the best things you can do to improve water quality and reduce runoff.  In addition, residential properties in Ladue are required to have a minimum amount of green space. (Refer to Section V of the Ladue Zoning Ordinance for more information about green space requirements.)

For more information about stormwater management strategies, click the link below!


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