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4-10-2019 Notice to Bid - Pavement Striping and Traffic Marking Services. Full Details!

3-22-2019 Notice to Bid - ADA Improvements along Clayton Rd. Full Details!

3-16-2019 Notice to Bid- Microsurfacing application on Ladue Rd. and N. McKnight. Full details.!

2-5-2019 *MSD DC-02 & DC-03 Sanitary Relief Project Update!!  Neighborhood Public Meeting Notice and Phase II Fact Sheet.

Spring 2019 Leaf and Brush Collection- Click for the SCHEDULE!! 



Fall Leaf Collection

Fall leaf collection is a very busy time of year for the Public Works Department! The leaf program runs October through December, depending on the weather.   All Public Works maintenance personnel are assigned to the leaf program, along with seasonal temporary workers that supplement the program.   These employees fill three leaf crews that perform the citywide residential leaf program where every household receives three monthly pick-ups in the fall and one Spring pick-up in the month of April.

  • The Leaf Schedule is published on the City’s website, including a listing by street of the brush and leaf sections: 
  • Reminder that brush cannot be intermingled with the leaves: Brush clogs and damages the leaf vacuums therefore the crews will not collect leaf piles with brush in them.  Damaged leaf vacuums hinder the operation and cause delays!
  • To be guaranteed a pick-up, the materials must be placed curbside no later than 7:00 am on the scheduled Monday morning of that week.   The leaf crews cannot return to a street once the pick-up for that street has been completed.   We strive to remain on schedule in an effort to provide equal service levels to all resident.
  • We could arrive any day the week of the scheduled pick-up.  With 3400 households in Ladue, and due to variables with weather, we are unable to schedule our collections on a specific day
  • Leaves CANNOT block sidewalks, storm sewer facilities, or streets
  • Spring collection is in April each year where every household gets one pick-up.  The schedule will follow the same order as the Fall collection schedule 


Brush Collection

  The City of Ladue’s Brush collection program runs monthly beginning in March and concludes in September, giving each residence seven annual pick-ups.  Every resident can place two dump truck loads curbside for each monthly pick-up which means that each resident could have 14 dump truck loads of brush hauled away annually.  Through our research, Ladue is the only municipality in the region with a program of this magnitude.  During brush collection, two-thirds of the Public Works employees are working on this program each week until collection has been completed.   A few reminders:

  • The Brush Schedule is published on the City’s website, including a listing by street of the brush and leaf sections:
  • Brush should only be placed within 10 days of the scheduled collection date
  • Brush should be placed parallel to the roadway, in lengths no longer than 10 feet and no greater than 10 inches in diameter
  • Brush CANNOT block sidewalks, storm sewer facilities, or streets
  • Brush CANNOT be placed curbside from October through February


The Public Works Department takes pride in serving the residents of Ladue in a number of ways including the following:

 Storm Water Management Program: Phase I, II, & III (2015 and will continue for several years)

  • Brush Removal and Leaf Collection Program
    • Monthly Brush Collection: March – September
    • Fall Leaf Collection: October – December
    • Spring Leaf Collection: April
    • Christmas tree Collection: Starting January 15, 2018
  • Parks & Grounds
  • Clayton and Warson Planters
    • Plant and maintain
      • Municipal Campus
      • Rodes Park
      • Edie’s Mulch Site entrance
      • 65 Planters located predominantly in business district as well as  Price/Ladue & Ladue & McKnight
      • Centennial Trail
      • Planting beds at Tilles Park and along Clayton Road at Price Road
      • Certain MoDOT landscape areas including portions of the Lindbergh/I-64 interchange and the Ladue/I-170 interchange
  • Fleet & Building Maintenance
    • Procure and maintain the Public Works Department Fleet of Vehicles and Equipment
    • Perform routine preventive maintenance for Police and Administrative Department Vehicles
    • Building maintenance of Public Works Buildings
    • Aid other departments with building maintenance as requested
  • Public Roadway: Right-of-way maintenance
  • Public Works
    • Issuance and inspection of Excavation permits for all work within public right-of-way
    • Pavement Maintenance
      • Pot hole patching
      • Crack sealing
      • Concrete pavement repair
    • Snow and ice removal
    • Vegetation Management
      • Mowing and trimming along City maintained roadways
      • Flail mowing of overhanging vegetation
      • Tree removal and tree trimming
      • Emergency response for tree and debris removal within public right-of-ways
    • Bridge and culverts
      • Roadside swale installation and maintenance
      • Annual bridge and culvert inspection and maintenance
      • Flushing of bridges
      • Debris removal from culverts
  • Major Projects
    • Roadway improvements       
      • Warson Road - Microsurfacing (September 2016)
      • McKnight Road from Clayton to Ladue (2014/2015)
      • Conway Road from Lindbergh to Clayton (2014)
      • Price Road from Clayton to Delmar (2015/2016)
    • Sidewalks
      • Lay Road from Clayton to Godwin (2017/2018)
      • Litzsinger from Tilles Park to Deer Creek (2013/2014)
      • McKnight Road from Clayton to Ladue (2014/2015)
      • Ladue Road from Salem Estates to Warson (2013)
      • Warson along MICDS (2013)
      • Price Road from Clayton to Delmar (2015)
    • Bridge replacement
      • McKnight Road at Black Creek and Country Club Drainage (2014/2015)
    • Traffic Signals
      • Signal replacement and reconfiguration at Ladue & I-170 (2014)
    • Beautification
      • Citywide Beautification Framework Plan (2014)
      • Rodes Park landscape improvements (2015)
    • Storm water improvements
      • Mulch Site resurfacing and storm water improvements (2014)
      • Old Warson drainage improvements near Warson Estates (2013)
      • Conway Road and Ladue Road bridges – maintenance  (2015)

Please call the Public Works Department if you have any questions at (314) 993-5665. 

Yours very truly,
Anne C. Lamitola, P.E.
Director of Public Works

Storm Water Funding Application

Program Eligibility and Information

 (hard copies can be found at the Public Works Office)


Project contacts:

Corrected Project email address: 

Project phone number: 636-812-4222

Storm Water Management Program - Report of Finding


City of Ladue- Storm Water Engineering Manager

Pete Merten - 314-993-5665



Storm Water Funding Application

Program Eligibility and Information


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