Ladue Municipal Court

Ladue Municipal Court

Prosecuting Attorney

James Towey, Prosecuting Attorney

Lori Mullins, Prosecuting Attorney's Assistant 

Phone Number:  314-993-3439


       *   Attorney call on court night begins at 4:00 pm via ZOOM:


Requests for recommendations must be sent to the Prosecuting Attorney via Mail, Emailor fax (314) 993-5652 and will be returned in the same format. 

Please mail to:

            Prosecuting Attorney's Office
    City of Ladue
 9345 Clayton Road
Saint Louis, Missouri 63124

Requests must include:

  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope (recommendations will not be mailed without one);
  • A copy of your entry of appearance filed with the court, including the Defendant's name, citation/case number(s), initial court date, charge(s), the attorney's name, bar number, address, phone number, fax number and email address; and
  • Any relevant documentation that would assist the prosecutor in making a recommendation, i.e. proof of insurance, registration, reinstatement etc... NOTE: If your client's charge(s) involves a motor vehicle accident, a copy of their insurance card is not sufficient. You must provide a letter from your client's insurer verifying valid liability insurance on the date of the accident or proof of restitution.
  • If you wish to confirm receipt of your entry and request, submit an additional copy of your entry and a self-addressed stamped envelope which will be date stamped and returned to you.
  •  Recommendations are usually  returned to attorney of record no later than 10 days after the court date.  

Counsel will receive a written recommendation from the prosecutor by mail with a new court date. It is counsel's responsibility to notify the defendant of the recommendation. The recommendation will state if a court appearance is required, otherwise recommendations signed by both the attorney and client returned to the court with payment in full by the court date may be accepted. Payments will not be accepted or processed by the prosecutor's office.

Acceptance of Recommendation:

If the recommendation from the prosecuting attorney does not require an appearance and is payable outside of Court,  both the defendant and attorney must sign the recommendation and forward the signed document with payment to the Court prior to court date and time.

If the recommendation is not accepted and paid in full by the court date and time, the defendant and the attorney must appear in person. It is counsel's responsibility to contact the Court to obtain a continuance.

 The recommendation by the prosecuting attorney is not entered into the court records until the signed (by defendant and attorney) recommendation has been filed with the Court.  The court administrator is not able to accept payment on a recommendation until the signed recommendation has been filed with the Court.

PLEASE NOTE:    Due to changes by the Supreme Court to Rule 37.04, requests for recommendations mailed to the court will not be processed by the court. It is your responsibility to ensure that an entry of appearance is filed with the court and a separate request for recommendation is mailed to the prosecutor's office.

Requests for discovery:

Copies of police reports will be provided upon written request. Reports will be mailed in the SASE you provided with the recommendation letter. If the police report indicates that a video has been made of the arrest and you wish a copy of the video, you must provide a thumb drive with a minimum of 16gb of storage along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, along with your request. DVD’s do not have sufficient space for the video.

  • If you have further questions about viewing a video, please contact the Prosecutors Assistant, Lori Mullins at (314)993-3439


Continuances can only be granted by the Judge.  Requests for continuances may be e-filed,  filed by mail or fax, but said continuances are not granted until approved by the Judge.  As an attorney, if you request a continuance, do not assume is has been granted.  The attorney assumes the risk of a request for continuance being denied, particularly if said Motion to Continue is not filed at least 5 days prior to the court date.

Request for Recall of Warrants:

If any attorney seeks a warrant recalled, said attorney shall file an entry of appearance with the court by  e-filing, mail or fax.  The entry may include a request to have the warrant recalled or a request to have the bond reduced.  The Judge reviews all request to recall warrants.  Once he has his decision the court administrator will notify you.  If granted, you will be given a new court date, which if you would like a recommendation from the prosecuting attorney you must send the request by the new court date.  If denied you can still request a recommendation from the prosecuting attorney, once paid the warrant will be cancelled and case will be closed.


Payments to the Municipal Court

The Municipal Court accepts cash, check, money orders, cashier checks, and credit cards in person or by mail.  If you have received a violation that is payable online, you may also pay with credit card online.  Please note that if you wish to use your credit card (in person or online), there will be a non-refundable processing fee.

Please click here to pay your violation online.   You will need your name and ticket number.

NOTE:  Please allow 7-10 business days for your ticket to be processed.


If you are paying an attorney recommendation  you MUST email ( a copy of your signed recommendation. Once the recommendation has been accepted by the court you will be able to pay your ticket online.




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