Ladue Police Department

Ladue Police Department

Fingerprinting for Residents / Employees of Ladue

The City of Ladue provides fingerprinting services for residents and those working in the City of Ladue. Please bring the card with you or information if required to file electronically to the Ladue Police Department at 9345 Clayton Road, Ladue, Mo. 63124 along with the required identification.

  • Driver’s License - Missouri
  • Driver’s License AND Social Security Card (if SSN is not on license) NOTE: a SSN card is required if presenting an out-of-state Drivers License
  • Birth Certificate, original or sealed copy AND Social Security Card AND picture ID
  • Military Identification
  • Immigration and Naturalization ID AND Social Security Card
  • Missouri State Identification
  • State Identification AND Social Security Card if SSN not on ID (if out-of-state ID)
  • Legible Traffic Citations with Social Security Number AND Picture ID

For additional fingerprinting information, call (314) 314 993-1214 between 8am and 4 pm. Please call and schedule an appointment if multiple employees are required.

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