Ladue Police Department

Ladue Police Department

Animal Control

Sec. 18-25. When running at large deemed nuisance; procedure.

  1. If the owner of any dog shall allow it to go at large in the city, and in so doing it shall go upon the private premises of other people to their annoyance, such conduct is hereby declared to be a nuisance. Upon the occurrence of such nuisance the person offended shall ascertain the name of the owner of the dog in question, shall cause a written notice of such occurrence to be given to the owner of such dog, together with a copy of this section. The city clerk shall furnish a copy of this section free of charge to any one requesting the same.
  2. The head of any household where a dog is being kept shall be deemed to be the owner of such dog under this section, and after receiving the notice provided by this section it shall be the duty of such head of the household to provide an effective means, other than keeping such dog in the home, of confining such dog to the premises where kept. Such head of the household shall be deemed to have allowed such dog to go at large whenever it is at large, if no such means has been provided.

(Code 1969, § 6-21; Ord. No. 607, § 1, 3-25-1957; Ord. No. 900, § 1, 4-18-1966)

Sec. 18-26. Dangerous, vicious dogs at large prohibited.

  1. It shall be the duty of the owner, and of any other person having in his possession, or under his control, a dog of dangerous, vicious or fierce propensities or tendencies, to keep such dog securely on a leash, or to confine such dog inside of a house or inside of an enclosure completely surrounded by a fence or wall not less than five feet in height, and to keep any door or gate leading into any such enclosure securely locked at all times.
  2. If any dog bites or attempts to bite any person while such dog is at large, then such dog shall be presumed to be a dangerous dog and a dog of dangerous propensities and tendencies.
  3. If any dog attacks or attempts to attack any other dog or other animal while such dog is at large, or chases or otherwise attempts to catch a person, then such dog shall be presumed to be a vicious dog and to have vicious propensities and tendencies.
  4. It shall be part of the judgment of conviction under this section that the fierce, vicious, and dangerous dog be immediately killed or disposed of; and the chief of police shall forthwith execute the judgment.

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