Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of projects require Architectural Review Board (ARB) application?

Any building or construction project for which a building permit is required by ordinances of the city, shall require the review and approval of the architectural review board. This includes but is not strictly limited to the following:

- New home construction
- Additions to or expansions of houses, garages and other buildings
- Pool houses
- Outdoor living areas
- R
aised elements such as fire places, pergola, patio coverings, etc. 
- Changes to the configuration, sizes or locations or infill of any exterior windows and doors 
- Porches, pergolas, deck expansions 
- Driveway monuments 
- Sheds or accessory buildings
- Additions or deletions of dormers
- Roof or ground mount solar arrays

2. What types of exterior projects do NOT require ARB application?

.Plans for projects involving alterations and repairs which do not affect the outward appearance of a building do not require approval of the architectural review board, however a building permit may still be required for the project. This includes, but is not strictly limited to the following: 

- Fences
- New, replacement windows or doors
- Replacement flat work of driveways, patios or walkways that are the same in dimension and location
- Roof repair or exterior repair from minor storm damage
- Painting the exterior
- Replacement siding
- Pools
- Retaining walls

Any project with exterior elements may be subject to ARB review at the discretion of the Building Commissioner. 

3. How do I apply for ARB?

As of 5/15/2023 applying for ARB is all done digitally. We are no longer requiring or accepting hard copy submitals. The application can be found online here -----> APPLICATION. 

Completed application and plans should be submitted to [email protected] no later than the Thursday 1 week prior to the scheduled meeting. 

4. How often does the Architectural Review Board meet?

The ARB meets on the first and third Thursday of every month. The deadline to apply to be on the ARB agenda is one week prior to the meeting, by 11:00am. A complete schedule can be found here ----->SCHEDULE.

5. What types of things will the Architectural Review Board be looking for?

The ARB will be reviewing conformity to proper architectural standards; for general conformity with style, design and size of surrounding structures; and that the application supports proper architectural development in the City.The ARB spent several months reviewing and improving the ARB Guidelines. In 2018 the new guidelines were approved by Ladue City Council and can be found here ----->  GUIDELINES.

6. Is there a fee to apply to the Architectural Review Board?

No, there is no fee to apply. Any fees for review will not be collected until a project is applying for a building permit. 

7. How will I know if my application is on the agenda?

If applications are received by the ARB deadline they will be placed on an agenda for the next scheduled meeting. Agendas for meetings are posted no less than 24 hours in advance of the meeting. You can sign up to receive email alerts when the agenda is posted or check the agenda center on the City's website. 

8. Do I need to attend the Architectural Review Board meeting?

While attendance is not mandatory for an application on the ARB agenda, it is highly encouraged that a representative from either a contractor, architect or homeowner are present to answer any questions or comments the ARB may have. This ensures that projects are not continued to the next agenda due to unanswered questions or concerns. Many times the questions of the ARB members can be clarified at the meeting and do not require subsequent applications or reviews. ARB meetings take place exclusively via Zoom. There is no in-person component to the meeting. 

9.How will I know if my project was approved. 

At the ARB meeting an application can be given a status of "approved, continued to next meeting, conditional approval or denial". All outcomes are explained at the meeting if a representative is present and are sent via email to the applicant listed on the ARB application, following the meeting. 

Architectural Review Board Meeting Schedule 2023

Architectural Review Board Application

Architectural Review Board Guidelines

If you have other questions not listed above, please call the Building Department at 314-997-6308. 


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