Peddlers and Solicitors

Pursuant to Chapter 70 of the City of Ladue Code of Ordinances, a license is required for any individual wishing to go upon the private premises (residential or business) of another in an attempt to make personal contact for the purpose of:     

  1. Attempting to sell or offering for sale any good, wares, merchandise, magazines, chances, raffle tickets, or service;
  2. Attempting to obtain a donation to a particular patriotic, philanthropic, social service, welfare, benevolent, educational, civic, fraternal, charitable, political, or religious purpose whether or not if incidental to such purpose there is the sale of some good or service;
  3. Soliciting orders and making deliveries of merchandise, services, or products to a person at a later date; or
  4. Distributing handbills or fliers for a commercial purpose, advertising an event, activity, good or service that is offered to the resident for purchase at a location away from the residence or at a time different than the time of the visit.

To apply for a solicitor's license and review the investigation policy for applicants, please click here
Please note that the typical review time for solicitation applications is two weeks.

All solicitors that have been cleared through the investigation process, will receive a copy of the No Visit List.
To submit a request to be placed on the City of Ladue "No Visit List", please complete the application here, or contact City Clerk, Stacey Mann, at

List of Active Solicitors

 Name:  Organization:   Expiration:
Asma Usmani  Edward Jones  05/31/2023
Erin Nelson  Edward Jones  08/09/2023
Evan Thorpe AT&T  11/15/2023
 Kamerin Slusher Archway Contractors  10/12/2023
 Chera Mason Advocate Construction  12/28/2023

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