Ladue City Hall

Ladue City Hall

Business License Procedures

For your convenience, we have put together information that will help you set up your new retail business and/or office space.

Please call for assistance as noted below:

ALARM PERMIT: A home or business owner's signature is required. An abort code can be obtained in person at the Ladue Police Department. Effective January 1, 2010, a $75.00 fee is due when applying for a permit. If you have any questions, call  993-3439. A copy of the alarm permit may be obtained online click here.

BUSINESS LICENSE: Required before a business opens. Please review the New Business Checklist and Zoning Review Form.  Completed Business License packet, notorized retail sales payment worksheet, along with payment should be submitted to Ladue City Hall. If you have any questions, call  314-993-3439.

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June 8
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June 11
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June 16
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June 18
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