Ladue City Hall

Ladue City Hall

Opening a Business in Ladue

The City of Ladue is pleased that you desire to locate your business in our city.  We are here to help you.  Below you will find the steps for opening a business in Ladue.  Follow these simple steps to obtain the appropriate building, licensing, occupancy and sign permits. 

Opening a Business:  Step by Step

1) Contact the City's Building and Zoning Director, at 314-997-6308, before you sign a lease. You want to make sure the business you plan to open is a permitted use for the location you are considering.  Your use may require a special use permit which must be approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission and by the Ladue City Council.  The Director will assist you with this part of the process.

2) If the use is approved, you must obtain an Occupancy Permit and a Business License online or from City Hall located at 9345 Clayton Road.  The Director will discuss with you the permits required for remodeling the property.  The Building Department Office will also inspect the property as part of any occupancy or building permitting.  Any deficiencies must be corrected before the space can be occupied.

If you are installing an alarm system or using an existing alarm system a permit will be required.

3) You will be required to have a federal and state sales tax ID number for a retail business license. 

4) EXTERIOR SIGNAGE:  All signage requires a Sign Permit and must be reviewed by the City Clerk and City Planning Consultant.  Applications must be submitted to the Ladue Building Office. Please Note:  Awnings with lettering or logo are considered a sign.

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