Safety Reminder

Aug 17, 2018

Please take extra precautions to ensure your VEHICLES and HOMES are LOCKED, with valuables hidden from plain view.  Ladue is one of several communities that have recently received reports of items stolen out of unlocked vehicles.  In one of the recent reports, a vehicle was stolen when the key fob was left inside the vehicle overnight.  In addition, unlocked vehicles can provide easy access to homes as garage door openers are often left inside. 

The best deterrent for these types of crimes is to create a routine where you check your vehicles and doors each night to ensure they are secure.  Do not hesitate to call the Police Department (314-993-1214) or 911 if you hear your garage door opening unexpectedly, hear any strange noises around your home, or see unusual activity around your home.  It is best to notify the police rather than investigating or confronting anyone yourself. 

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