Recent Criminal Activity

Jan 23, 2017

On Saturday 1/21/2017 at 11:30 am a burglary occurred on Woodcrest Dr.

The resident answered a knock at his back door and spoke with a 50-year-old male who identified himself as an exterior contractor and engaged the homeowner in conversation about doing home repairs to the gutters of his home.

He persuaded the resident to come outside and was showing him some gutter “problems” with the exterior that needed attention.

During this encounter, the resident noticed two other men outside, one described as 40-year-old the other approximately 20. The resident also noticed a red truck parked in the driveway of the home and occupied by a female.

While outside the residence one of the men told the resident he was going to contact surrounding neighbors about working on their homes and walked away.

After the group left his residence and upon going back inside he noticed jewelry missing.

The City of Ladue has occasionally seen this type of criminal activity known as “imposter burglars”.  

Suspects pose as legitimate workers and approach elderly homeowners with the intent of gaining entry under a seemingly legitimate reason. The real purpose is to divert the homeowner’s attention while accomplices search for currency and jewelry.

These suspects frequently claim to be from the local electric company, water department, cable company, roofing, paving, or other building trades, city inspectors, surveyors, tree trimmers, or government personnel.

In some instances, women and children accompany male suspects and participate in the diversion of the homeowner.

If you become aware of this type of activity, please notify the police department immediately.

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