New Construction Start Times

Apr 12, 2023

Construction work or use of construction equipment which causes noise which can be heard at a distance of 100 feet from its source, except between the hours of 7AM - 6PM on Monday - Friday, and Saturdays between 9AM-5PM is prohibited. Activities that produce noise are prohibited during all other times, as well as on legal holidays, and Sundays.
Please note, this does not include noise associated with residential landscaping and mowing.

Upcoming Events

February 28
Zoning and Planning
4:00 PM
March 5
Zoning Board of Adjustment
4:00 PM
March 6
Municipal Court
4:30 PM
9345 Clayton Road
March 7
Architectural Review Board
8:30 AM
March 11
Board of Fire & Police Commissioners Meeting
4:00 PM
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