Feb 22, 2017

 To determine the impacts of the yard waste composting program to the City, the following was estimated and/or considered:

·         Annual Operational General Fund costs for composting leaves which totals $131,600

·         Annual amortized Capital Fund costs for the equipment utilized in composting which totals $31,600

·         Cost estimate for the annual haul off of the leaves in lieu of composting, which is estimated to be $84,000

·         The quantity of Ladue households that obtained leaf mulch which in 2016 was 13%


  Based upon these estimates, there will be an estimated annual savings of $47,650 in the General Fund with the discontinuance of composting.  The overall savings to the City when adding in the amortized equipment Capital Fund cost is $79,250 annually with the discontinuance of composting.  The amount of savings could fluctuate from year to year as it depends on the quantity of leaves collected.


This information was compiled in a detailed memorandum that was submitted to the City Council along with the recommendation to discontinue composting.  This recommendation was based on the costs savings to the City and the low percentage of residents that obtain the leaf mulch product.   This information was formally presented to City Council at their February 21, 2017 meeting and the City Council voted unanimously to discontinue the yard waste composting program.  There is still leaf mulch available at this time until late March. 


Please note, the brush and leaf collection program is not impacted by this change.


For questions or for additional information about this topic, please contact the Public Works Department at (314) 993-5665.

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