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Updated 11-15-17


1.         Lay Road Improvements (80% Federal Funding, 20% City of Ladue Funding)

The Lay Road Improvements project will consist of the installation of sidewalk on the west side of the road, storm sewer improvements, and pavement rehabilitation.  Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly (CMT) is the design consultant for the project and is continuing to work on the design.  The preliminary engineering plans have been prepared and approved by MoDOT.  A Public Open House took place on August 11, 2016 where the preliminary design was presented to the Public.  The open house was well attended from residents along the corridor.  The right-of-way plans were approved by MoDOT in late Fall 2016 and the City hired OR Colan to perform negotiation services to acquire 12 of the easements for the project.  City staff has obtained six of the easements.  Easement acquisitions have been completed for all 18 properties and the City has certified the right-of-way acquisition complete.  The ROW phase came in under budget.  Final plans have been prepared and submitted to   MoDOT for final approval and continues to be pending their review.   Construction is scheduled to take place in early 2018 with some tree removals beginning in the winter of 2017/2018. 


2.         Stormwater Needs Program (Stormwater Fund)

HR Green completed the citywide storm water needs assessment in 2015 and the executive summary is available on the Public Works Departmental page on the City’s website: HR Green mapped existing complaint data on file from all available sources, obtained new data from residents as well as their own field evaluations of streams, and developed a basic hydraulic model of the entire City.  Over 1000 problem points were been mapped. HR Green presented their final report to City Council on November 16, 2015.  City Council authorized an amendment to the contract with HR Green to aid the City with the storm water framework plan including storm water policy development, determination of financial commitment for program, and review of development standards with respect to storm water controls. At the February 2016 City Council meeting, members were appointed to the Ladue storm water committee.  The Storm water committee has met monthly in 2016 and developed a storm water ordinance which was adopted by City Council at the August 2016 meeting. At the September 2016 City Council meeting, the contract with HR Green was approved for the development of the Storm Water Master Plan and five-year implementation plan.  HR Green completed the draft of the Master Plan which involved performing field verification work of storm water conditions, hydraulic modeling utilizing specialized software, and developed concept solutions for 55 projects. The draft of the Storm Water Master Plan was presented to the Storm Water Committee on April 13, 2017 then to City Council on April 25, 2017.  The plan was then presented to the public in a series of Public Open House meetings which took place on April 25 (Ward I), May 2 (Ward II), and May 4 (Ward III) from 4 – 7 pm.  Over 120 residents attended these open houses and many provided feedback.  Public comments were accepted until May 18, 2017 and comment cards are available in the City Hall lobby.  HR Green made modifications to the plan based on public comment and additional field reconnaissance and presented the update, along with the five-year implementation plan to the Storm Water Advisory Committee who recommended approval to City Council.  The five-year implementation plan was presented to City Council on July 17, 2017 for adoption.  Specific Storm Water project meetings for the eight highest ranking projects took place on November 7, 9, and 14th to convey information about the projects and to obtain Letters of Intent from impacted property owners.  Once Letters of Intent are obtained from 100% of the impacted property owners from projects approved in the five-year implementation plan, the design phase can begin.  


3.         ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

The City has identified the need for the identification of ADA barriers within the public rights-of-way for creating an ADA transition plan.   This plan is a requirement of ADA as set forth by the United States Department of Justice. To achieve this goal, the City of Ladue has contracted with Oates Associates, as identified through a Qualifications Based Selection, to conduct an ADA self-evaluation and develop an ADA transition plan.  The evaluation began in late-May 2017 and has involved the development of policies, practices, and procedures to comply with ADA administrative requirements for municipalities; evaluating municipally owned buildings and parking areas, and identifying physical obstacles in public right-of-way with respect to ADA requirements including curbs, sidewalks, driveways, crosswalks, and traffic signals.  After the evaluation process, corrective measures will be identified and a schedule will be developed to remove barriers on right-of-way and City owned buildings.  Oates Associates, the engineering consultant, has completed the evaluation of the sidewalks within City right-of-way and the evaluation of City owned buildings on the municipal campus.  A public open house was held on Tuesday August 8, 2017 from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm to receive input from the public on priority areas.  Now, Oates is in the process of estimating costs to bring non-compliant sidewalks and facilities into compliance and will work with the City on establishing a multi-year schedule. The City has met with Paraquad to share the findings of the evaluation and obtain their feedback.




City of Ladue


Storm Water Funding Application

Program Eligibility and Information

 (hard copies can be found at the Public Works Office)


Project contacts:

Corrected Project email address: 

Project phone number: 636-812-4222

Storm Water Management Program - Report of Finding


City of Ladue- Storm Water Engineering Manager

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Storm Water Funding Application

Program Eligibility and Information


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