Ladue Public Works Department

Ladue Public Works Department

Excavation Permits

Excavation Permit Form

Excavation Permit Requirements

  • Contractor is responsible for contacting Dig Rite prior to starting projects on City right-of-ways. 
    (Missouri One Call 1-800-344-7483).
  • Prior to beginning excavation, the contractor must notify the Public Works Superintendent at 314-993-5665 regarding the starting date and end date of the excavation. 

Permanent Pavement Repairs

  • All repairs in the roadway must be back filled with ¾ inch or 1 inch minus rock compacted in 6 inch lifts within 8 inches of finished grade.  The top 8 inches will be finished by placing a 6 inch concrete base with 2” surface asphalt such as St. Louis County “C” mix.
  • If a roadway repair is not completed the same day, contractor must install a steel plate overnight.
  • Areas included in the excavation [but not in the roadway] must be restored to the original condition.  At minimum, vegetated areas should be restored with seed and straw.   

Storm Water Funding Application

Program Eligibility and Information

 (hard copies can be found at the Public Works Office)

 Storm Water Needs Assessment and website 

The City's has hired an engineering firm, HR Green, to perform a citywide storm water needs assessment.  In order to collect data from the residents of the community, they have created a user-friendly website.   Residents are encouraged to input their storm water concerns directly into the website.  This information, along with input collected at public meetings,  will be compiled into a map and report of the storm water problem areas.  


Click below to report storm water complaints or issues.  Create a username and password, then go to the 'Get Involved' tab to get started:

Project contacts:

Corrected Project email address: 

Project phone number: 636-812-4222

Storm Water Management Program - Report of Finding






Storm Water Funding Application

Program Eligibility and Information


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