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Ladue Public Works Department

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Public Works

Welcome to the City of Ladue Public Works Department Website

The Public Works Department takes pride in serving the residents of Ladue in a number of ways including the following:


  • Brush Removal and Leaf Collection Program
    • Monthly Brush Collection: March – September
    • Fall Leaf Collection: October – December
    • Spring Leaf Collection: April
    • Christmas tree Collection: January
    • Composting of collected material into leaf mulch & wood chip mulch
  • Parks & Grounds
  • Clayton and Warson Planters
    • Plant and maintain
      • Municipal Campus
      • Rodes Park
      • Edie’s Mulch Site entrance
      • 65 Planters located predominantly in business district as well as  Price/Ladue & Ladue & McKnight
      • Centennial Trail
      • Planting beds at Tilles Park and along Clayton Road at Price Road
      • Certain MoDOT landscape areas including portions of the Lindbergh/I-64 interchange and the Ladue/I-170 interchange
  • Fleet & Building Maintenance
    • Procure and maintain the Public Works Department Fleet of Vehicles and Equipment
    • Perform routine preventive maintenance for Police and Administrative Department Vehicles
    • Building maintenance of Public Works Buildings
    • Aid other departments with building maintenance as requested
  • Public Roadway: Right-of-way maintenance
  • Public Works
    • Issuance and inspection of Excavation permits for all work within public right-of-way
    • Pavement Maintenance
      • Pot hole patching
      • Crack sealing
      • Concrete pavement repair
    • Snow and ice removal
    • Vegetation Management
      • Mowing and trimming along City maintained roadways
      • Flail mowing of overhanging vegetation
      • Tree removal and tree trimming
      • Emergency response for tree and debris removal within public right-of-ways
    • Bridge and culverts
      • Roadside swale installation and maintenance
      • Annual bridge and culvert inspection and maintenance
      • Flushing of bridges
      • Debris removal from culverts
  • Major Projects
    • Roadway improvements       
      • McKnight Road from Clayton to Ladue (2014/2015)
      • Conway Road from Lindbergh to Clayton (2014)
      • Price Road from Clayton to Delmar (2015)
    • Sidewalks
      • Litzsinger from Tilles Park to Deer Creek (2013/2014)
      • McKnight Road from Clayton to Ladue (2014/2015)
      • Ladue Road from Salem Estates to Warson (2013)
      • Warson along MICDS (2013)
      • Price Road from Clayton to Delmar (2015)
    • Bridge replacement
      • McKnight Road at Black Creek and Country Club Drainage (2014/2015)
    • Traffic Signals
      • Signal replacement and reconfiguration at Ladue & I-170 (2014)
    • Beautification
      • Citywide Beautification Framework Plan (2014)
      • Rodes Park landscape improvements (2015)
    • Storm water improvements
      • Mulch Site resurfacing and storm water improvements (2014)
      • Old Warson drainage improvements near Warson Estates (2013)
      • Conway Road and Ladue Road bridges – maintenance  (2015)

Please call the Public Works Department if you have any questions at (314) 993-5665. 

Yours very truly,
Anne C. Lamitola, P.E.
Director of Public Works

Storm Water Needs Assessment and website 

The City's has hired an engineering firm, HR Green, to perform a citywide storm water needs assessment.  In order to collect data from the residents of the community, they have created a user-friendly website.   Residents are encouraged to input their storm water concerns directly into the website.  This information, along with input collected at public meetings,  will be compiled into a map and report of the storm water problem areas.  


Click below to report storm water complaints or issues.  Create a username and password, then go to the 'Get Involved' tab to get started:

Project contacts:

Project e-mail address:

Project phone number: 636-812-4222

Storm water Public Meetings (Tentative Location: City Hall)

May 6, 2015          8:30 - 10:30 am  

May 19, 2015       4:00 pm - 6:00 pm   

June 4, 2015        4:00 pm - 6:00 pm            


Updated 3-11-15


1.       McKnight Road and Bridge Improvements and Sidewalk Improvements (80% Federal 20% City for Right-of-way and Construction phases) –

  • Gershenson Construction is under contract for construction in the amount of $2,316,538.71 with Horner and Shifrin performing the construction administration for the project on behalf of the City

  • The City’s project consists of the replacement of two bridges, pavement rehabilitation, and sidewalk installation on the east side of McKnight between Clayton Road and Ladue Road. Sidewalk, storm sewer, and wall installation are ongoing, but nearing completion.

  • The northern bridge just south of Robin Hill was substantially complete on November 17, 2014.   The south bridge near Black Creek is currently being constructed and is scheduled to open on April 17th. 

  • Milling and overlaying of pavement will occur after the south bridge has been completed.

  • The overall project completion is scheduled for Spring 2015.


    2.       Price Road improvements: sidewalk and pavement rehabilitation from Delmar to Clayton (80% Federal, 20% City for Design, ROW, and Construction) – The City and a right-of-way consultant, O.R. Colan, are in the process of completing the acquisition the necessary easements from the last parcel of a total of 15 property owners.  Final plans have been submitted for final approval to MoDOT.  It is anticipated that construction will begin in early Summer 2015 and extend to Fall 2015. 


    3.       Citywide Beautification Framework Plan

  • Bids for the stepping stone installation will be obtained in the spring of 2015 as part budgeted improvements for the park.

  • Christner has developed concept designsfor Clayton/Warson Open Space Design and Path Connections and presented them to the key stake holder group.  Next, Christner will present the concept to the Public Works Committee at their April 1, 2015 meeting then to City Council at their April 20, 2015 meeting.


    4.       Lay Road Improvements (80% Federal Funding, 20% City of Ladue Funding)

    The City of Ladue was successful in obtaining federal funds for the Lay Road Improvements project which will consist of the installation of sidewalk on the west side of the road, storm sewer improvements, and pavement rehabilitation.  The funding for the design phase is available 10/1/15.  The request for qualifications for engineering consulting services will be issued mid-year 2015.


    5.       Stormwater Needs Assessment (Stormwater Fund)

    HR Green was selected to perform the Storm water needs assessment for the City and their contract was approved at the February City Council meeting.


    HR Green is getting underway with the storm water needs assessment which will consist of the review of existing storm water complaints and existing data and the collection of new data from the residents of Ladue.  This information will be compiled into a map and report of the storm water problem areas.   


    6.       Dielman Road Improvements

    The Public Works Department submitted a Federal funding application for sidewalk and roadway improvements on Dielman Road between Ladue Road and Tamarack and will be informed by summer regarding the status of the application. 




Do you have questions or want to know more about the Public Works Department? Click the links below:


Ladue Department of Public Works
9345 Clayton Rd
Ladue, MO 63124

(314) 993-5665

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