Taxes and Tax Rates
Like other municipalities, the City of Ladue receives an array of taxes which it uses to fund the key services (Police, Fire, Public Works) that it provides to citizens, residents, businesses, and taxpayers.  Here are some additional details on the key taxes:

St. Louis County appraises all real estate and personal property in the City of Ladue and arrives at an assessed value. The assessed to appraised factor % varies based on the type of property (residential, commercial, etc.). Each taxing district within the City boundaries (there are many districts including the City and school districts) sets their tax levies by October 1, after St. Louis County releases the assessed values.  Tax rates are set as $’s per $100 of assessed value. The County bills all taxpayers around November 1, and the collections are subsequently remitted to the City by the County.  Taxable value protests should be directed to St. Louis County.

 The State of Missouri Dept. of Revenue should be consulted for a determination of the correct rates for your business. 

An overall rate of 9.478% (10.478% in the Colonial Market Place/Ladue Crossing CID) is currently in place.  Of this the City receives approximately 2.25% (General Fund 1.25%, Capital Improvement Fund 0.50%, Storm Water Fund 0.50%).  The State and other County funds account for the remaining 6.613%. Specific sales tax rates vary depending on location and type of item being purchased.


The utility tax rate is 7% of your utility bills levied on natural gas, electricity (6.9%), water, and telecommunications services. Click on Chapter 106 of the City’s Code of Ordinances for more information.  There is a franchise fee of 3% levied on cable television services.  Click on Chapter 50 of the City’s Code of Ordinances for more information.