Solicitation & Canvassing

Applying for a Solicitor or Canvasser License
In compliance with Chapter 70 Peddlers and Solicitors of the Ladue Code of Ordinances, individuals seeking to engage in solicitation within the city limits must obtain a license from the City Clerk's Office. Applicants are required to submit identification, a completed application, and a brief description of their proposed soliciting activity. Additionally, all applicants will undergo fingerprinting and a criminal background check as part of the application process.

Approved solicitors will receive an Official City of Ladue Photo ID Card, which must be kept on hand and presented upon request.

Solicitor License Application

'No Visit' List

The City Clerk's Office maintains a list of properties within the city that restrict visits to their residential property by solicitors, canvassers, and handbillers. A copy of this "no visit" list is provided to each applicant for, and each recipient of, a solicitors license under this chapter.

If a canvasser chooses not to apply for a license, it will be the responsibility of that canvasser to obtain a copy of the current "no visit" list. Currently over 25% of Ladue residents are on the 'No Visit List'. 

Request to be placed on 'No Visit' List

No Visit List

Active Solicitors

Grant Hibbard, Edward Jones
Active through 5/2/2025

Please contact the non-emergency police line immediately at 314-993-1214 if contacted by a solicitor without visible identification.