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Recycle Your Cardboard Boxes in Ladue


Thanks to the Ladue Horton Watkins High School students who are working on recycling, there is now a convenient place to recycle all your cardboard boxes.


No more bundling those boxes or wrestling them into blue bags,  Just pile them in your car and take them to the west end of the south parking lot of the high school.  Flatten the boxes and toss them in the big blue bin marked cardboard.


Home Recycling


Recycling is available in Ladue through your regular trash collector.  Please contact your collector concerning days of service.  Blue bags for the storage of recyclables are available at Schnucks or Schnarrs Hardware.  For a list of items that can be recycled, click here


Electronics Recycling


For information on electronics recycling, go to  This organization has recycling events throughout the year at several locations around the area.


For information on recycling or disposal of hazardous household products such as paint, fluorescent lamps, motor oil, and batteries go to

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