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Fire Department


House 1 / Administrative Offices 9213 Clayton Road
Phone – 314-993-0181 Fax – 314-993-0412

About the Ladue Fire Department

The Ladue Fire Department serves approximately 8 square miles in the heart of St. Louis County with a population of approximately 8,600 people.  The Fire Department has 32 employees, twenty-five of which are Paramedics.  Our Fire Department has three crews with ten personnel per crew, our crews work 48 hours on duty and 96 hours off.  We have two engine houses, House 1, which also serves as our administrative offices, is located at 9213 Clayton Road; equipment at House 1 includes our Advanced Life Support Vehicle 3917 which is staffed with two Paramedics and a Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper 3914.  House 2 located at 9911 Clayton Road houses a Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper 3924.  Both of our fire trucks are completely outfitted with Advanced Life Support equipment and are staffed at all times with at least one paramedic, which allows us to handle any medical emergency in the event our ambulance is out of service on another emergency

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