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ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD:  (meets as required)


The Architectural Review Board reviews building applications for conformity to proper architectural

standards; for general conformity with style, design and size of surrounding structures; and that the

application supports proper architectural development in the City.


Matt Wolfe (Chairman)

16 Black Creek Ln.

Brent Restemayer

101 S. Warson Rd.

Gene Mackey

6 Little Lane

Robert Lochner (alternate)

13 Clerbrook


BOARD OF FIRE AND POLICE COMMISSIONERS: (meets second Monday of the month)


The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners establish the policies that govern the internal operation

and functioning of the Fire and Police Departments, and issue/enforce rules and regulations governing

the conduct of the members of the respective departments.


William M. Francis, Jr


52 Wood OaksTrail

John D.Schaperkotter

500 S. Price Rd.

Carol Gaskin

11 St. Andrews Ln.

L. Shepley Hermann

1054 Cabin Club Dr.

John P. Stupp

18 St. Andrews Ln.

Stephen Jones

918 Tirrill Farms Road

Nancy Spewak


9842 Waterbury Dr.



(meets as required)


Manages the assets of the City’s Firemen’s and Policemen’s Uniform Pension Plan.


Joseph Rechter


35 Upper Ladue

Bill Francis

52 Woodoaks Trail

Chief Rich Wooten

Ladue Police Department

Greg Stork

Ladue Police Department

Fire Chief John Bailot

Ladue Fire Dept.

9213 Clayton Road

Dave Kaiser

Ladue Fire Dept.

9213 Clayton Road

Nancy Spewak, Mayor,


9842 Waterbury Drive




The Finance Committee advises the Mayor and Council on all matters of revenue and taxation, and

upon the financial condition of the City. The committee makes recommendations on controlling

expenses and enhancing revenues.


James E. Schiele


2 McKnight Lane

Joseph Rechter

35 Upper Ladue

Joe Gazzoli

14 Daniel

Dave Mueller

22 Fair Oaks

James Thompson      

9 Maryview

 Gina Hoagland  5 Mayfair Rd.

Nancy Spewak, Mayor,    Ex-officio

9842 Waterbury Dr.



INSURANCE COMMITTEE  (meets as required)


The Insurance Committee advises the Mayor and Council on all matters related to the purchase of insurance coverages by the city and any requirements by the city that contractors and vendors provide proof of certain insurance coverages to the city. 

Martin Kerckhoff         


26 Dielman Rd.

Stephen Hall, Vice-Chair

18 S. McKnight Rd.

Walter Klein, III

54 S. McKnight Rd.

Robert Roth

14 Clerbrook Lane

David Wells                     901 S. Price Rd.
Jonathan Dehner, M.D., FACR       26 Lorenzo Lane

Nancy Spewak

Mayor, Ex-Officio

9842 Waterbury Dr.

 Rick Jett, Finance Director     9345 Clayton Rd.

Ann Gagen, Treasurer,    Ex-officio

17 Picardy Lane






PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE:  (meets as required)


The Public Works Committee advises the Mayor, Council, and Public Works Director on all matters

pertaining to the operation of the public works department.




Clint Williams   

9900 Copperhill Rd.

Ed Boyce

30 Fordyce

Mark Raterman

1 Trails End Ln.

Randy Parnham

6 Buckhammon Pl.

Robert Watt                  15 St. Andrews Dr.

Nancy Spewak

Ex-Officio, Mayor

9842 Waterbury Dr.

Anne Lamitola, Ex-Officio

9345 Clayton Rd.



(meets as required)


Manages the assets of the City’s Non-Uniform Employees’ Pension Plan.


Joseph Rechter (Chairman)

35 Upper Ladue

Wesley Jones

46 Glen Eagles

Shelly Benson

City of Ladue Administration

Ivan White

City of Ladue D.P.W.

Nancy Spewak

9842 Waterbury


SPECIAL EVENTS (Dogwood Festival & Parade):  (meets as required)


Plans and directs the activities involved with the annual Dogwood Festival & Parade.


A. Charles Hiemenz, Chairman


Susan Gausnell, Vice-Chair


 Nancy Spewak        
 Martha Baur  
 Amy Dove
 Julie Lane  
 Mimi Baer  
 Nelson Howe  
 Suzy Brauer  
 Cary Westerheide  DESCO
 Jerry Herbert  First National Bank    

Frank Blair

Schnarr’s Hdwe.

Wendy Steinbecker


 Lori Markus  Schnucks
 Aleks Jovanovic  Truffles
 Paul Zemitzsch  
 John Howell  
 Nick Nash  
 Travis Moore  
 Cindy Belmont  

Anne Lamitola

Shelly Benson


Fire Chief John Bailot


Chief Wooten


Mike Wooldridge

Asst. Fire Chief Jeff Johnson


 Lt. Darin McClure



ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT:  (meets on first Monday of the month)


The Zoning Board of Adjustment considers appeals to decisions for building permits which are denied

because of non-compliance with the City’s Zoning Ordinance or Building Code.


Stanley Walch, Chairman

5 Wild Rose

Liza Forshaw

9 Brazillian Ct.

Robbye Toft, Vice-Chairman

1041 Lay Rd.

David Schlafly

2 Upper Dromara



John Shillington, Alternate

22 Danfield

Elizabeth Panke, Alternate  

 10065 Briarwood

Laura Gerdes Long


 16 Clerbrook


ZONING AND PLANNING COMMISSION:   (meets on fourth Wednesday of the month)


The Zoning and Planning Commission recommends to the Mayor and Council those regulations that

will best follow the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and preserve the City’s land and building development.


M. Peter Fischer, Chairman

9806 Litzsinger Rd.

James H. Howe, IV

30 Loren Woods

 Tim Crowley

11 Upper Barnes

Thomas Kahn

232 N. McKnight

John Lochhead

9760 Old Warson Rd.

McPherson D. Moore

3 Mayfair

Margaret L. Holtman

8 Berkley Lane

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